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NFT’s are a digital incarnation of the collectible certificate that has existed for decades in conceptual art and other movements in contemporary art. As examined previously, the collectible store of value resides in a certificate (now crypto-tokenized), as opposed to the inherently reproducible art object to which a certificate points. Having that in common with pre-digital collectible art, NFT’s do however represent revolutionary transformation, with 6 major novelties.

1/ NFT genres

In what may turn out to be, one day looking back, merely a time stamp of art dating from the present opening salvo, the world of NFT’s can, as…

John Baldessari, Pure Beauty, 1968

Over the past century, art history surpassed the figurative, representational realm it had occupied for centuries, and evolved towards ever-increasing degrees of abstraction and flatness. This evolution was driven by influences from the late Enlightenment (such as Kant), alongside the invention of photography (itself a bi-product of the Enlightenment) as the ultimate means of producing representational images. Realism gave way to impressionism, cubism, and abstract expressionism — followed by the latter’s reactionary counterpart, minimalism. Alongside this progression towards abstraction, a similar quest for ever-increasing “flatness” eventually culminated in lift-off from the canvas altogether with readymades, followed by orbital exit to…

Andrew S Klug // ASK

gradients >> order from chaos

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